Core Rewards :
  • 2% Reward Points per Rs. 100 on online transactions upto 1000 RPs/month
  • 1% Reward Points per Rs. 100 on offline transactions upto 500 RPs/month
Milestone Rewards :
  • Monthly : N/A
  • Quaterly : N/A
  • Annual : N/A
No rewards on spends : Fuel
Rewards Redemption
How to Redeem :
  • Cashback is settled in statement cycle
Redemption options : Cashback
Redemption fee : Nil
Transfer partners : N/A
Complementary Benefits
Lounge access :
  • Domestic Lounge : N/A
  • International Lounge : N/A
  • Railway Lounge : N/A
Insurance Benefits :
  • Lost card liability : N/A
  • Personal accidental insurance : N/A
  • Air accidental insurance : N/A
Other Benefits :
  • Lounge Membership : N/A
  • Memberships Available With Cards : N/A
  • Spa Benefits : N/A
Golf Benefits :
  • Lessons : N/A
  • Games : N/A
Joining fees : 499
Annual fees : 499
Welcome Benefits : N/A
Quaterly Benefits : N/A
Annual Benefits : N/A
Forex markup charges : 3.5%
Fee reversal criteria : Spend 1.2 lakhs in a year
Minimum age : 18
Minimum ITR : 4,50,000
Minimum Salary : 20,000

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Welcome Benefits

  • Welcome benefit: Extended 90-day interest-free period from the card issuance date, allowing you to make purchases without incurring interest charges for the initial three months.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Reward Points/Cashback

  • Movie & Dining: Not Applicable
  • Rewards Rate: Earn 2% cashback on online transactions and 1% on offline transactions. Additionally, collect 2% Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent online (up to 1000 RPs per month) and 1% Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent offline (up to 500 RPs per month).
  • Reward Redemption: Cashback is automatically credited to your account.
  • Travel: Not Applicable
  • Golf: Not Applicable
  • Domestic Lounge Access: Not Applicable
  • International Lounge Access: Not Applicable
  • Insurance Benefits: Not Applicable
  • Zero Liability Protection: Cardholders are not held liable for fraudulent transactions on a lost or stolen card when reported promptly.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Reward Point Redemption

  • How to Redeem: Your cashback is automatically settled in your statement cycle, simplifying the redemption process.
  • Redemption Options: Cashback earned can be directly used to offset your card dues or other expenses, providing you with flexibility and convenience.
  • Redemption Fee: There is no redemption fee, ensuring that you can enjoy the full benefits of your cashback without any additional costs.
  • No Transfer Partners: This card does not have transfer partners, as cashback is used to reduce your card balance or cover expenses directly.

Pros of Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

  • Cashback rewards on both online and offline transactions.
  • Earn Reward Points in addition to cashback.
  • Zero liability protection for cardholders.
  • Simple cashback redemption process.
  • No redemption fee.
  • Flexibility to use cashback for bill payments or other expenses.

Cons of Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

  • Limited reward categories.
  • No travel or dining benefits.
  • Low monthly reward cap.
  • No milestone or annual benefits.
  • No lounge access.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Benefits

  • No lounge access or insurance benefits.
  • Limited additional benefits such as lounge memberships, spa access, or golf lessons.
  • Welcome benefit of an extended 90-day interest-free period for the first 90 days from card issuance.
  • Cashback rewards of 2% on online spends and 1% on offline spends with specified monthly caps.
  • Fee waiver for the second year if you spend Rs. 1,20,000 or more in an anniversary year.

Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Charges and Fee

  • Joining Fees: Rs. 499
  • Annual Fees: Rs. 499
  • Welcome Benefits: Not Applicable
  • Quarterly Benefits: Not Applicable
  • Annual Benefits: Not Applicable
  • Forex Markup Charges: 3.5% on all international transactions
  • Fee Reversal Criteria: Spend Rs. 1.2 lakhs in a year to have the annual renewal fee waived.

Additional Charges:

  • Spend-Based Fee Waiver available.
  • No Rewards Redemption Fee.
  • 3.75% monthly interest rate.
  • Fuel Surcharge waiver of 1% or Rs. 10 (whichever is higher).
  • Cash Advance Charges: 3% of the cash withdrawn, minimum of Rs. 300.

Add-on Card Fee: Nil