Core Rewards :
  • 1.5% 3 CV Points per Rs. 200 on online and offline transactions
Milestone Rewards :
  • Monthly : N/A
  • Quaterly : N/A
  • Annual : Get 1 Economy class ticket each on annual spends of Rs. 1.25 lakhs, Rs. 2.5 lakhs & Rs. 5 lakhs
No rewards on spends : N/A
Rewards Redemption
How to Redeem :
  • Use CV points on Air Vistara and Partner Airlines
Redemption options : Cv Points
Redemption fee : Nil
Transfer partners :
  • Air Vistara (CV Points)
Complementary Benefits
Lounge access :
  • Domestic Lounge : 1 per quarter
  • International Lounge : N/A
  • Railway Lounge : N/A
Insurance Benefits :
  • Lost card liability : 1,00,000
  • Personal accidental insurance : N/A
  • Air accidental insurance : 50 Lakhs
Other Benefits :
  • Lounge Membership : N/A
  • Memberships Available With Cards : N/A
  • Spa Benefits : N/A
Golf Benefits :
  • Lessons : N/A
  • Games : N/A
Joining fees : 1499
Annual fees : 1499
Welcome Benefits : One economy domestic ticket voucher, Spend 50,000 within first 90 days & get 1,000 bonus CV Points.
Quaterly Benefits : N/A
Annual Benefits : N/A
Forex markup charges : 3.5%
Fee reversal criteria : N/A
Minimum age : 21
Minimum ITR : 3,60,000
Minimum Salary : 35,000

Table of Contents

  1. SBI Vistara Credit Card Welcome Benefits
  2. SBI Vistara Credit Card Reward Points/Cashback
  3. SBI Vistara Credit Card Reward Point Redemption
  4. Pros of SBI Vistara Credit Card
  5. Cons of SBI Vistara Credit Card
  6. SBI Vistara Credit Card Benefits
  7. SBI Vistara Credit Card Charges and Fee
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

SBI Vistara Credit Card Welcome Benefits

Economy Class Ticket

  • Once you're an SBI Vistara Credit Cardholder, you will be able to enjoy special welcome benefits. And one of the best perks is the complimentary Economy Class ticket. Here's a quick rundown:
  • How to avail: Activate your card, then redeem your ticket via Vistara's channels.
  • Benefits include flexibility in travel, huge savings, and an exceptional experience in the air through Vistara.
  • Note: Make sure you read the conditions and terms, ensure you meet the spending requirements, and keep an eye on the expiration date on the ticket. This ticket is the ticket for unforgettable trips!

SBI Vistara Credit Card Reward Points/Cashback

Reward Points and Cashback for SBI Vistara Credit Card:

  • Every Rs 200 Spent Earns Three Club Vistara Points:
  • Earn three CV Points on every Rs 200 spent across all categories - fuel included! Plus get 1.5% cashback or 3 CV Points per Rs 200 Transaction.

Experience flexibility and rewards tailored to your spending preferences with the SBI Vistara Credit Card - from travel benefits to cashback. Regardless of what you need help with, this card has you covered.

SBI Vistara Credit Card Reward Point Redemption

Redeem Reward Points with SBI Vistara Credit Card:

  • Utilize Your Points Diversely: Redeem Club Vistara Points for class upgrades, award flights or the Cash + Points program.
  • Use CV Points on Air Vistara and partner airlines, expanding your travel possibilities.
  • Get Economy Class tickets on annual spends of Rs. 1.25 lakhs, Rs. 2.5 lakhs or Rs. 5 lakhs to benefit from special Economy Class tickets offered by SBI Vistara Credit Card - offering flexible rewards tailored specifically to you - whether your priority lies with travel benefits or cashback!!

Increase the value of your SBI Vistara Credit Card benefits by making your points work for you - whether for luxurious upgrades or cost-efficient travel planning.

Pros of SBI Vistara Credit Card

  • Reward Point Milestones: Earn Club Vistara Points as you spend, redeemable for travel perks.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access: Take advantage of airport lounges for an unparalleled pre-flight experience.
  • Benefits of EMIs: Make transactions above Rs2,500 into manageable installments using EMIs.
  • Increase lounge access globally with free Priority Pass membership!

The SBI Vistara Credit Card provides travel perks, financial security, and rewards - making it a valuable addition to your wallet.

Cons of SBI Vistara Credit Card

  • Limited Access to Airport Lounges: Unfortunately, the card only grants access to airport lounges once every quarter (three months) - which may not meet the needs of frequent flyers.
  • No Fuel Spend Fee Waiver or Rewards: Unlike some cards, this one does not provide any fee waiver or rewards on fuel transactions, potentially forgoing opportunities to save.

SBI Vistara Credit Card Benefits

  • Lounge Benefits: Enjoy complimentary airport lounge access for a luxurious pre-flight experience.
  • Insurance Benefits: Gain peace of mind with air accident insurance coverage and other protections.
  • Golf Benefits: Access exclusive golf privileges and complimentary rounds at premium golf clubs.
  • Other Benefits: Enjoy fuel surcharge waivers, dining discounts, accelerated rewards, and exclusive offers tailored to your lifestyle.

SBI Vistara Credit Card Charges and Fee

Charges and Fees for SBI Vistara Credit Card:

  • Interest Rate: 3.50% per month (42% per annum)
  • Foreign Currency Markup: 3.5% on the transaction amount
  • Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the amount withdrawn (minimum charge of Rs 500/-)


  • Vary based on the outstanding balance, ranging from ₹0 to ₹1300.
  • These fees and charges are important to consider in managing your SBI Vistara Credit Card to ensure responsible use and financial planning.


  • Joining Fee: ₹1499
  • Annual Fee: ₹1499
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 42%
  • Add-on Card Fee: Free
  • Minimum Repayment Amount: 5%
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee: 2.50%
  • Cash Advance Limit: 40%
  • Card Replacement Fee: ₹100
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3.50%
  • Over Limit Penalty: 2.50%
  • Fuel Transaction Surcharge: 1%
  • Reward Point Value: ₹1

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