Core Rewards :
  • 5%
  • 5%
  • 2% 2 Reward Points per Rs. 100 on other Spends
Milestone Rewards :
  • Monthly : Not available
  • Quaterly : 6400 reward points per quarter on spending Rs. 1000 every month
  • Annual : Spend Rs. 4L to get 10,000 points or spend Rs. 8L to get 30,000 points.
No rewards on spends : Not Applicable
Rewards Redemption
How to Redeem :
  • RPs can be redeemed on air tickets, 10 000 merchandise, mobile recharge and more through easyrewardz by converting Privy League Credit Card points in to easy points.
  • Book My Show Voucher Rs.200 for 800RPs
  • Easy Reward Points Rs.500 for 1000RPs
  • Auto Redemption to Account Rs.100 for 400RPs
Redemption options : Merchandise, Gift Vouchers, mobile recharges and Travel bookings
Redemption fee : NIL
Transfer partners : N/A
Complementary Benefits
Lounge access :
  • Domestic Lounge : 2 per quarter
  • International Lounge : 4 per year
  • Railway Lounge : Not available
Insurance Benefits :
  • Lost card liability : Upto Rs. 2.5 Lakh
  • Personal accidental insurance : Not available
  • Air accidental insurance : Not available
Other Benefits :
  • Lounge Membership : PriorityPass - International Lounge Access
  • Memberships Available With Cards : N/A
  • Spa Benefits : Not available
Golf Benefits :
  • Lessons : Not available
  • Games : Not available
Joining fees : NIL
Annual fees : 2500
Welcome Benefits : N/A
Quaterly Benefits : N/A
Annual Benefits : N/A
Forex markup charges : 2%
Fee reversal criteria : Spend Rs. 500000 in a year, Lifetime free for Privy League customers
Minimum age : 21
Minimum ITR : 7.5 Lakhs
Minimum Salary : 75,000

Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Welcome Benefits

  • Welcome benefit: Receive e-vouchers worth Rs. 5,000 from select brands. Enjoy shopping, travel, fashion, and more with these versatile vouchers. Elevate your lifestyle from the moment you get your Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card.
  • Explore premium choices in travel, clothing, footwear, and shopping.
  • Your gateway to luxury and rewards begins with this exclusive welcome offer.

Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Reward Points/Cashback

The Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card offers:

  • Movie and dining benefits with free movie tickets and dining discounts.
  • Reward rate of 2.5% on groceries, dining, movies, and department store spending.
  • Redemption options for gift vouchers or statement balance.
  • Complimentary travel memberships and airport lounge access.
  • Golf privileges and insurance coverage.
  • Core rewards of 4% on transactions, 5X points on select categories, and 2% on other spends.
  • Milestone rewards on annual spending.
  • No rewards on wallet transactions.

Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Reward Point Redemption

You can easily redeem your reward points with the Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card:

  • Redemption Options: You can use your reward points for gift vouchers and statement cash.
  • Redemption Fee: There is no fee for redeeming your points.
  • Transfer Partners: The card does not offer any transfer partners.
  • Value: Each reward point is worth Re. 0.25 when redeemed for gift vouchers, products, or cashback.

Pros of Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card

  • Attractive welcome benefits worth Rs. 5,000.
  • Access to domestic and international airport lounges.
  • Competitive reward rates on dining, groceries, and department store expenses.
  • Lucrative milestone rewards for high spenders.
  • Enjoy two complimentary movie tickets each month.

Cons of Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card

  • Lower reward rate compared to other premium cards.
  • Average returns on spending.
  • High renewal fee waiver requirement of Rs 10 lakhs.
  • Relatively high renewal fee of Rs. 4,999.

Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Benefits

  • Welcome Perks: Enjoy a Rs. 5,000 Gift Voucher from top brands.
  • Milestone Rewards: Earn up to 15,000 Bonus Reward Points by meeting spending milestones.
  • Travel Advantages: Free lounge access, hotel discounts, and club memberships.
  • Airport Lounge Access: 2 domestic and 6 international lounge visits per year.
  • Movie and Dining Benefits: Complimentary/discounted movie tickets and dining offers.
  • Golf Privileges: Four free golf rounds, golf lesson, and discounts (MasterCard variant).
  • Concierge Service: Assistance with various services.
  • Lower Foreign Markup Fee: 1.99% on foreign transactions.
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Spend Rs. 10 lakhs to waive the annual fee.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 1% waiver on fuel transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000, up to Rs. 250/month.

Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Charges and Fee

  • Spend-Based Fee Waiver: Annual renewal fee of Rs. 4,999 waived on spending Rs. 10 lakh or more in the previous year.
  • Rewards Redemption Fee: Rs. 99 + taxes per redemption request.
  • Foreign Currency Markup: 1.99% of the transaction amount for foreign currency transactions.
  • Interest Rates: 3.50% per month (42% per annum).
  • Fuel Surcharge: 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000 at fuel stations (max waiver of Rs. 250/month).
  • Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the transaction amount with a minimum charge of Rs. 500.
  • Add-on Card Fee: No fee for add-on cards.
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999.
  • Finance Charges: 42% per annum.
  • Late Payment Charges: Vary based on the outstanding amount.
  • Joining/Renewal Fee: Rs. 4,999 + GST with a welcome benefit of a Rs. 5,000 Gift Voucher. Renewal fee waived on spending Rs. 10 lakhs in a membership year.
  • Forex Markup Charges: 3.50%.
  • Fee Reversal Criteria: Spend Rs. 10 lakhs in a year to reverse the annual fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I apply for the Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card?
    A: You can apply for the Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card online through the Kotak Mahindra Bank website or by visiting a Kotak Mahindra Bank branch.
  • Q: What is the eligibility criteria for this card?
    A: The eligibility criteria may include a minimum age, income requirement, and credit score. It's best to check with Kotak Mahindra Bank for the specific criteria.
  • Q: How do I redeem reward points with this credit card?
    A: You can redeem your reward points for various options such as air tickets, merchandise, mobile recharge, gift vouchers, and travel bookings. The redemption process is hassle-free, and there is no redemption fee. You can also use your reward points for shopping at partner merchants under Kotak's PayByPoints program.
  • Q: What is the value of each Reward Point?
    A: Each Reward Point with the Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card is valued at Rs. 0.25. These points are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of accumulation.
  • Q: Can I get the annual fee waived for this credit card?
    A: Yes, the annual fee of Rs. 4,999 can be waived if you spend Rs. 10 lakhs in a membership year or meet other specific criteria set by Kotak Mahindra Bank.